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Live Legacy! 11-3-27
Quick calendar:
* Cirby School Fall Carnival <> , Fri., Oct. 27 * Playground Grand Opening Celebration <> : Picnic & Play! Sat., Oct 28 * Daylight Saving Time ends Sun., Nov. 5 * Prayer Time <> : Sundays; next: Nov. 5 * Worship <> & Praise: Sundays; next: Nov. 5 **Updated * Open Mic <> Night at Bunz: Sundays, next: Nov. 5 * Teleios Bible Study <> : Tuesdays, next: Nov. 7 * Family Movie Night <> , Fri., Nov. 17 * Game Night <> , Sat., Nov. 18 **Updated * Christmas Decorating <> , Sat. Dec. 2 **New * Parents’ Night Out <> , Sat., Dec. 9
Also in this edition:
* Show God’s Love <> **UPDATED * For your Prayers <> : **UPDATED * Praise and Appreciation! <> **UPDATED * Cirby School Lunch and Reading Buddies * Children’s Ministry Growing! * The Journey of Desire <> : fall Worship Message Series * Change of Address? Add subscription?
We welcome
Happening at Hillcrest
· Prayer Time: every Sunday, 9:45 am
Share in prayer. Pray for those in need and praise in prayer. All welcome! back to top <>
· ​ <> Worship & Praise: every Sunday, 10:30 am
Fall Message Series: The Journey of Desire <> This week: Pastor Darby: Letting Go
For your heart to live free you must learn the spiritual grace of detachment. Do not abandon your desire. Is there anything you ardently desire that you are doing nothing to secure? Let go of your illusions.
Childcare + Children’s Ministry <> . All welcome!
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· Teleios Bible Study: every Tues. 7 pm… …except this coming Tues., 10/31: help at the Hillcrest Fall Festival <> instead! back to top​
· Christmas Decorating, Sat., Dec. 2, 9-12 am
Set the spirit and send the message, “Celebrate Jesus’ birth!” to everyone who uses the building throughout the week. Contact: Melissa Olsen at back to top​
​Show God’s Love: Outreach and Service
Reaching beyond our walls is essential to showing God’s love. We do this by going out to the community, and by inviting the community to come inside. Here are ways you can show and share God’s love:
· Cirby School Fall Carnival, Fri., Oct. 27, 4 – 7 pm
We are witness to God’s love in everything we do for Cirby School families. Show love by helping out! sign up at contact: Pastor Darby, or 530-440-0105 (call or text) back to top​
· Picnic and Play! Playground Grand Opening Celebration, Sat., Oct. 28, 4:30 pm to dark
Share God’s love with friends and neighbors by inviting them to join you and your kids or grandkids for play and picnic as we celebrate the new play area, part of our growing Children’s Ministry <> . Bring a side dish to share if you can, the rest provided. For more information: Melissa Olsen, back to top
· Open Mic Night at Bunz, every Sunday, 6 – 9 pm
A fun way to reach out, whether you play an instrument, sing, or just like to listen. Be you. Have fun. Share. Invite a friend! Why do this? “Because not everyone who needs church is in church.”
At Bunz Sports Pub & Grub, 311 Judah Street, Roseville contact: Demetri Besougloff, 916-625-1651 (text) ​ back to top
· Family Movie Night, Fri., Nov. 17, 6-8 pm
Showing this month: The Lego Batman Movie as we open our doors to Cirby School families. Invite your friends and neighbors and bring your kids! To help out, show up early, or contact Pastor Darby, or 530-440-0105 (call or text) back to top
· Game Night, Sat., Nov. 18, 4:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Friends! Fun! Food! Free! … young adults and families invited for a game night at the Anderson’s. Bring guests and your favorite games. Dinner provided; childcare available. If you can help with food or child care, contact Melissa Olsen at…%20please%20contact%20me%20at%20(email%20and%20%2F%20or%20phone…> back to top
* Parent’s Night Out, Sat., Dec. 9, 5-10 pm
​​Are you a young parent? Know a young parent? Share God’s love by inviting another young couple on a date night, child care provided. Not a young parent? You can show God’s love as a volunteer, helping with children, providing a much-needed night out for young parents. Mark this date; more info to come.
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· Cirby School Lunch and Reading Buddies
One-on-one opportunities to show God’s love for kids at Cirby School. Lunch Buddy: contact Pastor Darby, or 530-440-0105 (call or text) Reading Buddy: contact Beth Hallsten, back to top
For your Prayers: Encouragement, Support & Healing
* a child exhibiting troubles in family relationships and in school studies * a member of the Hillcrest family struggling with depression and feelings of isolation
Names are withheld here for privacy. Concerns and praise are addressed individually and personally by those in prayer ministry. Prayers are offered for anyone in need: you, family, neighbors, co-workers, friends near and far. Please pray, reach out to someone in need, and share your own prayer and praise requests.

Contact Pastor Tim,…> or 916-872-5207 (call or text)
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Praise and Appreciation!
* Praise for the first Hispanic Bible Study meeting …Jamie & Carmen Morales * Praise for the great turnout by neighborhood families at the Hillcrest Fall festival. * Praise for the many volunteers and everyone who provided treats for the Hillcrest Fall Festival, and for Robin Bernhard’s organizing the event.
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Children’s Ministry Growing!
Exciting things are happening with the children’s ministry! A visible one is the expanding play area <> . Also happening:
* Welcome Elaina Olsen to the nursery. Elaina has lots of experience with kids and works as an elementary school behavioral specialist. Katie Martin continues to staff the nursery weekly, as well, along with rotating volunteers, providing good care to your kids as they start life in God’s footsteps. * Pre-school kids, ages 2-4, who are ready, join a “pull-out” time upstairs for wonderful, fun, age-perfect activities * A new, dynamic curriculum has been selected, covering kids ages 3-5, with age appropriate activities and lessons on a common theme each week. Online materials make it easy for teachers to prepare and be flexible to children’s needs. Preparations are underway now, launching December 3. * Middle school activities are also being explored. * More information to come! ​​ back to top
The Journey of Desire: Fall Worship Message Series
Discover the route to an authentic and fulfilling life by examining desire in light of God’s design. This Fall’s message series is based on the book, The Journey of Desire: Searching for the Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of , by John Eldredge. Missed a message? Want to listen again? Posted online: Journey of Desire message series
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Live Legacy is an intention of our lives to live life like Jesus, an expression of our desire to love God and love one another in tangible ways, and discipleship
Comments, questions, or information for future Live Legacy e-newsletters? Change in email? New email request?
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