Recent Sermons

  • The New Normal #6

    One of the catch phrases we are hearing in today’s cultural revolution is “social justice.” What exactly is social justice? Is social justice a political term, or is it anchored in the Bible? Was social justice included in the law that God imparted to the Israelites? Should today’s Christian speak

  • The New Normal #5

    We are living in turbulent times facing many issues that need to be resolved. Many people are saying that our country is in the midst of a cultural revolutions. We are going through a period of change and what it will look like down the road, nobody knows. The new

  • The New Normal #4

    The Israelites continue their trek in the desert to Mount Sinai. This is a critical time in their journey because it is at Sinai that God will reveal himself to the people and renew the covenant with them. Moses will teach the people how to prepare themselves to worship God

  • The New Normal #3

    Moses was a man who carried many burdens on his shoulders. As he led God’s people through the desert he had to deal with constant complaining of the people against him and God. They assaulted his character and made life miserable for him. He had to be available to settle


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