Recent Sermons

  • Life During Lockdown #14

    Any time money comes between two people the potential for rifts, misunderstandings, and conflict is very real.  The Philippians had supported Paul financially above and beyond the call of duty, but Paul had to clear some things up with them about their generous gifts they gave him.  This passage must

  • Life During Lockdown #13

    Finding contentment in life is illusive.  It slips through one’s fingers because often it can’t be held on to.  People search for it, but it eludes them.  Sadly, many people go through life never coming into a place of contentment, which is unfortunate because life is much more enjoyable when

  • Life During Lockdown #12

    What goes on in that big brain of yours?  Some people’s thought-life is a toxic wasteland.  Destructive thoughts dominate their minds such as anger, unforgiveness, anxiety, regret, malice, and more.  This robs them of peace and joy in their lives.  There is a way to clean up your toxic thinking

  • Life During Lockdown #11

    With the outbreak of covid-19 anxiety levels have skyrocketed. We have a presidential election in a few days that is probably the most important in our nation’s history with far reaching implications. The economy is sluggish, small business owners are really struggling, many have been forced to close their doors,


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