Recent Sermons

  • Sharing & Caring

    In this teaching Pastor Bruce will explain how presenting the gospel to someone isn’t just about processing information.  Telling the Jesus story requires having a heart for the people you are sharing with.  The apostle Paul explains how he deeply cared for the people he led to the Lord in

  • “Secure the Tomb” – Easter Sunday

    On this Easter Sunday we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Many people deny that Jesus rose bodily from the dead, but when reviewing the evidence presented in the gospels it really causes one to think it over.  We believe that Jesus rose from the dead, and his resurrection paves

  • Palm Sunday

    After three years Jesus rides into Jerusalem as the crowds embrace him as their Messiah.  However, several days later the very people who hailed him as their King shouted crucify him!  How did this happen?  Jesus also had a confrontation with the religious leaders, which caused the tension to go

  • Destroying Strongholds & Finding Freedom

    We all have things in our life that we wish weren’t there, such as a bad habit, a problem with anger, a critical spirit, and more.  This teaching addresses how we can identify strongholds in our life that need to be destroyed so we can be free to enjoy life. 


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