Recent Sermons

  • The Purposeful Priority of Prayer

    One of the characteristics of Jesus’ disciples is that we are designed to be a praying people.  Prayer is a spiritual discipline that should be prioritized in the life of every believer. There is always something to pray about, especially in perilous times such as these. In today’s teaching, Jesus

  • Purposeful Priorities of Discipleship

    Jesus laid everything on the table for those who were thinking about becoming one of his disciples!  He clearly stated the requirements of discipleship up front, so people could think it over and make an intelligent decision.  Sadly, when we hear the gospel presented by high profile evangelists we rarely,

  • The Church – A Purposeful Community

    Why am I here?  What am I supposed to do?  What is our purpose?  These are questions that believers in Christ need to reflect on from time-to-time because the Bible is very directive about what we are supposed to do and why we exist.  Periodically, every church needs to go

  • “Overcoming Challenges In the New Year”

    As we move into a new year and reflect on all the challenges that we faced in 2021 we must conclude that God has been faithful to Hillcrest Church.  We’ve had numerous challenges to address and still do, but through God’s help we can overcome challenges in our country, our


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