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  • Sing a New Song

  • Life During Lockdown #5

    Pig-headed, stubborn, and unyielding is a description of some of the key leaders in the church at Philippi.  Not a pretty picture!  The root of the problem was that some people were focused on what they wanted with a total disregard of the needs and wants of others in the

  • Life During Lockdown #4

    Every church should rally around the objective of advancing the gospel in their location.  To be optimally effective in reaching our city for Christ believers need to live what Paul calls the “worthy life.”  The question is what is the worthy life?  What does the worthy life look like that

  • Life During Lockdown #3

    Paul is reporting back to the Philippians about the progress of his ministry.  They have supported Paul financially, so he is updating them on his ministry, while thanking them for their generous support.  Even though Paul was in chains as a prisoner of the Roman government, the gospel was free


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