Recent Sermons

  • The Day of the Lord

    There have been many significant days throughout world history.  However, they all pale in comparison to the “Day of the Lord.”  This day will witness the most amazing event ever:  The coming of Christ to destroy wickedness on the earth and establish his kingdom.  The Day of the Lord will

  • The Rapture

    This is one of the most scrutinized passages in the Bible about the second coming of Christ.  It has spawned endless debates about the Lord’s coming especially regarding the rapture.  What is the rapture?  Does it occur before, during, or after the tribulation period?  The Thessalonians had some confusion about

  • How to Put Your Finger in Someone’s Eye

    Pastor Tim Brooks is teaching on how to avoid being judgmental

  • Living to Please God

    The goal of every believer is to please God by living according to his word.  All disciples of Christ are going through a process of spiritual development that lasts for the duration of one’s life.  There are challenges that every believer faces in growing spiritually such as overcoming bad habits,


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