Recent Sermons

  • “The Vaccine of Stillness”

  • “The Vaccine of Self-Love”

    One aspect of good mental hygiene is having a healthy self-image.  How can one have inner peace if she doesn’t love herself? Our minds can be infected with the deadly virus of poor self-love, which may even turn into self-hatred.  We might say derogatory things to our self, beat ourselves

  • “The Vaccination of “Hopeful Expectations”

    During the pandemic, many people have experienced little or no hope. Losing hope can be mentally catastrophic, but an injection of hope is like a breath of fresh air.  Hope is like a bright ray of sunshine that warms the heart and brightens up your day.  Hope plays a key

  • “The Vaccine of Gratitude”

    Do you ever find yourself complaining, grumbling, resentful of your circumstances and filled with self-pity? When you start entertaining these thoughts you can go into a very dark place.  Holding on to thoughts of this nature can be mentally toxic.  The cure for this virus is a dose of gratitude. 


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