Recent Sermons

  • “Sardis – The Dead Church”

    We’ve all heard the expression “that church is dead!”  Often this terminology is applied to churches that have no new converts joining them, the church is aging, the people are living in the past reflecting on their fond memories of their once thriving church.  Jesus says the church at Sardis

  • Thyatira – The Tolerant Church

    In today’s culture Christians are often branded as intolerant narrow-minded people.  It is thought that one of the characteristics of a progressive society is toleration.  Christians can respect people that see things differently than we do, whatever the subject matter may be, and be tolerant with them.  However, in the

  • Smyrna – The Persecuted Church

    Not much is known about the founding of the church at Smyrna, but it is well documented that the believers lived in a hostile environment enduring much persecution. In the West, it is difficult for us to understand what it must have been like to live under such hostility because

  • Ephesus – The Loveless Church

    There was a time when the church at Ephesus was thriving and  healthy.  However, over time the church became spiritually anemic and was in bad shape.  What happened to this once vibrant church that caused them to be in critical condition such that their hearts were without love?  This teaching


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