Recent Sermons

  • The Art of Honesty

    We often hear about dishonest businessmen, ponzi schemes, plagiarism, black markets, and politicians, and more. What happened to the virtue of being truthful and honest in all our dealings with people?  In today’s teaching, we will examine the virtue of honesty; with ourselves, with God and with one another.

  • The Art of Verbal Sensitivity

    God has given us the ability to communicate with him and one another.  Language is a gift.  We can use our speech to build up people or we can use our language to hurt each other and spread division in the church.  Today’s teaching will expose the variety of sins

  • The Mission of Jesus

    Jesus has a profound understanding of the human condition.  He understands the challenges that life presents to each of us and he feels our pain.  Today message explains how the gospel meets the deepest needs of humanity.

  • America – A Land of Idolatry

    One roadblock to experiencing a deeper relationship with God is idolatry.  American culture is filled with idols: rock stars, athletes, movie stars, cars, careers, and so on.  The prophet Ezekiel was sent to address the sin of idolatry that existed in the Southern Kingdom, which was so severe that God’s


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