Recent Sermons

  • The New Normal #11

    “Cancel Culture” is a term used to describe the recent trend that has emerged in American life that has been very harmful to some people. Not only is cancel culture wrong and against values that most Americans hold closely to their hearts, but cancel culture is not something new. Secular

  • The New Normal #10

    “Race Relations In Jesus’ Day” Luke 10:25-37 Race relations are a huge issue in America, in fact, they always have been an issue in America from its inception. Since the tragic death of George Floyd race relations, along with covid-19, have risen to the top of the list of challenges

  • The New Normal #9

    “Social Justice in the Ministry of the Church” 2 Corinthians 5:14-21 Last week we took a look at the role social justice played in the life of Jesus and concluded that it occupied a crucial place in his ministry. Should social justice also occupy a crucial role in the contemporary

  • The New Normal #8

    “Social Justice in the Ministry of Jesus” Luke 4:14-21 Social justice is a term we hear frequently these days. In personal conversations, on the news, in talk shows, in newspapers, and now we are hearing a great deal about social justice from pulpits across America. There is no universally agreed


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