• The Testimonial Approach

    This teaching will explore the importance of every believer being ready and able to share their testimony about how they came to know Jesus as their Lord.  Pastor Bruce will examine the apostle Paul’s testimony from Acts 22 and offer us tips on how we can craft our own personal

  • “The Confrontational Approach”

    All followers of Jesus should be able to tell people about the gospel.  In this teaching Dr. Bruce will explain what the “confrontational approach” is to sharing the good news about Jesus.  This method is the most common one found in Scripture and deals with confronting people in their sin

  • Spiritual Receptivity

    The core of spiritual life takes place in the heart.  Everybody’s heart is different.  Why are some people hardened against God and want nothing to do with him?  Why are some people open to having a conversation about Jesus and show great interest?  In both cases, it’s a question of

  • What is the Gospel?

    In this teaching pastor Bruce presents a detailed presentation of the gospel.  This is part I of his teaching series:  Tell the Jesus Story Well.


  • Pastor Bruce
    Bruce Guckelberg, Ph.D.
  • Aaron Olsen

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