• How To Live Full

    The Christians in the Roman providence of Asia were experiencing spiritual discouragement.  They were still going through the motions of their relationship with Christ, but God seemed very far away.  In this letter Paul has been reminding them of how God has blessed and equipped them for their critical role

  • The New and Improved Body – Part III

    Life in a glorified body will be beyond awesome, but are there any spiritual implications about the resurrection of Christ in our present experience?  The answer to that question is a resounding yes!  The resurrection of believers isn’t just a future event, it is also a present reality.  This message

  • The New and Improved Body – Part II

    When someone invents an item they make a prototype, which is the first of its kind. Adam and Jesus were prototypes of different bodies: Adam the natural body and Jesus the spiritual body.  In today’s teaching, we gain more insights into the glorified body, and how vastly superior it is

  • The New and Improved Body – Part I

    The Corinthian believers had some misunderstandings about the resurrection, so Paul wrote a lengthy portion of his letter to clear up their misguided notions on this issue.  In today’s passage, Paul provides information about the characteristics of the resurrected body. It boggles the mind to think about how great it


  • Pastor Bruce
    Bruce Guckelberg, Ph.D.
  • Aaron Olsen

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