• “The Vaccine of God’s Acceptance”

    God designed us to receive and give love, but quite often, because of human sinfulness, we are the recipients of rejection and disapproval.   When that happens to us there can be an emotional scaring that takes place.  People grow up with a wounded soul that needs the healing salve of

  • “Living in Grace”

    There are some Bible words that everybody should know because they have extreme relevance to every believer.  One such word is grace.  That word is rich in meaning and touches the heart of all disciples of Christ as you study that word.  Today’s message marks the beginning of a new

  • “The Vaccine of Self-Acceptance”

    We may have some things about ourselves that we don’t like!  In fact, some people might not like who they are at all.  Other people may be arrogant and tend to look down on others.  We must have the ability to view ourselves accurately and accept the way God made

  • “The Vaccine For Living in the Now”

    Some people don’t live in the present, they live in the past ruminating about what happened yesterday, last month, or even 20 years ago.  Sometimes people live in the future thinking about what might happen tomorrow, next week, next month, and so forth.  The problem with this mental virus is


  • Pastor Bruce
    Bruce Guckelberg, Ph.D.
  • Aaron Olsen

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