December 6, 2020 – December 18, 2022

God With Us

  • Joseph – Jesus’ Step-father

    In this teaching Dr. Guckelberg presents the story of the virgin birth from Joseph’s perspective. 

  • Mary – The Chosen One

    Of all the women in Israel, who would be the one that God would choose

  • The New Creation

    In the prologue to John’s gospel we have a summary of the Christmas story.  This

  • God With Us #4

    We’ve all heard the story of the three wise men that were guided by the

  • God With Us #3

    At some point after the angel Gabriel visited Mary, she had to explain this to

  • God With Us #2

    The nation of Israel has been waiting for the Messiah to appear for a long

  • God With Us #1

    Things were not looking very good for the nation of Israel.  In fact, they were