September 20, 2020 – November 22, 2020

Life During Lockdown

  • Life During Lockdown #14

    Any time money comes between two people the potential for rifts, misunderstandings, and conflict is

  • Life During Lockdown #13

    Finding contentment in life is illusive.  It slips through one’s fingers because often it can’t

  • Life During Lockdown #12

    What goes on in that big brain of yours?  Some people’s thought-life is a toxic

  • Life During Lockdown #11

    With the outbreak of covid-19 anxiety levels have skyrocketed. We have a presidential election in

  • Life During Lockdown #10

    The Philippian church was threatened because of division, internal strife, a divided leadership, misunderstandings about

  • Life During Lockdown #9

    Throughout church history there have been groups that advocated spiritual perfection in some form is

  • Life During Lockdown #8

    Warnings about false teaching abound in the Scripture.  Paul is giving the Philippians a word

  • These days it is common to have a mentor who can coach you in developing

  • Life During Lockdown #6

    The Philippians had some issues to work through in their fellowship.  They had some conflict

  • Sing a New Song